5 Mistakes That Can Accidentally Ruin Your Jewellery

Let's break down the 5 mistakes easily made when it comes to jewellery care:

1. Never Taking Your Jewellery Off

When you love a piece of jewellery it becomes an essential part of your daily outfits, although never taking your jewellery off can cause irreparable damage, which can include: 
  • Contact with products e.g. perfume, skincare & cleaning fluids which can cause corrosion of the metal.

  • Being left on while asleep or getting dressed or undressed, causing snagging & stretching.

This kind of damage can be avoided by simply removing jewellery before cleaning, bathing, exercising or sleeping.

2. Not Storing Your Jewellery Properly

Jewellery left on the bedside table or hanging on a jewellery stand is a surefire way to cause accidental damage. Leaving it out exposes it to sunlight, water and corrosive products. As Sterling Silver can naturally tarnish over time, leaving it out will accelerate the tarnishing process. While gold vermeil rarely tarnishes, it can still become damaged when exposed to the above. 

Store your jewellery in our Nusands protective pouch or box that you receive when you purchase with us, in a safe, dry place to prevent accidental damage.
Fasten chains to prevent tangles, store rings in ring holders/protective pouch or box & keep earrings in pairs.

3. Incorrectly Cleaning Your Jewellery

Routine jewellery care goes a long way in preventing tarnishing and accidental damage. It’s easy to mistake the lacklustre appearance of tarnished jewellery as a sign it isn’t good quality - but that is not the case! Tarnishing can happen to all jewellery.

To prevent any tarnishing make sure you wear your jewellery often and avoid perfume & fragrances, moisturisers, beauty cosmetics, sunscreen, bathing, spas, saunas, excessive sweating,  harsh chemicals and cleaning products.

To clean your jewellery

  • Restore shine by gently polishing with our Nusands Luxe Polish Cloth periodically.

  • For heavy tarnishing, wash in mild warm soapy water, gently rub the jewellery to clean it, rinse thoroughly with cold water then immediately dry it.

4. Putting Your Jewellery On First When Getting Ready 

Snags are one of the most common causes of broken jewellery, resulting in snapping or distortion from being pulled, or earrings falling out & disappearing onto the floor. 

You will also expose your jewellery to beauty products, perfumes & fragrances, moisturisers etc. that can cause tarnishing and discoloration. 

Avoid the above by following this one simple rule:

Jewellery should always be the last thing you put on after getting dressed and the first thing you take off before getting undressed.

5. Not Wearing Your Jewellery Enough

Don’t save your jewellery for a rainy day! Not wearing jewellery enough can do just as much damage as wearing it all the time.

If stored properly, jewellery will be safe from accidental damage and wearing your pieces regularly will help keep the jewellery looking its best as your skin’s natural oils will preserve it’s silver.
This will keep your jewellery looking shiny and new, as well as you cleaning it periodically (see step 3).

Head to our website to see our Care Guide in full 📋

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